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Super Vegan Detox & Juice Package

Super Vegan Detox & Juice Package

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Detox & Juice Package
(Villa Guests Only) 


Welcome to Villa Mantra, the first and only Bali vegan accommodation and boutique vegan hotel for alcohol-free vegans who love yoga. Enhance your experience by adding our SUPER VEGAN to your room booking.
1) Includes a 5 Day Love Your Liver Cleanse + Vitamin C Tangerine Extract

2) 5 Day Juice Fast (10 Liters) Cold-Pressed Organic Juice

3 Original and Powerful Audio Mediations for clearing negative energy, healing & manifesting

4) 1 Hr Vegan Cooking Class in the Kitchen w/ Vegan Chef

5) 5 Digital Study and Practice Books

6) 10 Liters Sun Activated Infused Water

7) 5 x Awesome products from their Essential Collection:
  • Vegan Deodorant and Breath Freshener 
  • Vegan Magnesium Massage and Pain Relief
  • Vegan Mosquito Repellent & First Aid Oil
  • Vegan Shampoo and Conditioning Bar
  • Vegan Moringa Cleanser & Konjac Sponge
8) Vivoo Wellness Strip (tests 9 minerals in 90 Seconds like Magnesium & Protein)
9) Bali Vegan Book E-Bundle:
Bali vegan e-cookbook & vegan guidebook includes 60 local restaurants sharing 150+ vegan recipes. Know where to go and how to make the best vegan dishes from Bali. 210 pages 

  • The Ultimate Whole-Food Grocery Shopping List For All Vegans Everywhere
  • Juicing For Vitality 93 pages.
  • The Hindu Yogi Science of Breath 69 pages
  • The Power of Self-Discipline 32 pages
  • The Self-Love Handbook 60 pages
10) A Manual For Manifesting Your Dream life
11) 1 Liter Concentrated Magnesium Water
Daily Yoga Monday - Friday
Unlimited Sauna & Ice Bath / Cold Plunges