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Liver Detox, Juice Fast & Sukime Kit

Liver Detox, Juice Fast & Sukime Kit

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Liver Cleanse, Juice Fast & Sukime Love Yourself Welcome Kit (Villa Guests Only) 

Welcome to Villa Mantra, the first and only Bali vegan accommodation and boutique vegan hotel for alcohol-free vegans who love yoga. Enhance your experience by adding a Liver Detox, Juice Fast & Sukime Kit to your room booking.


1) Includes a 14 Day Love Your Liver Cleanse:
   a)  250ml Bottle Oil, Cayenne, Essential Oils, Lemon (first 7 days) 
   b)  30ml Vitamin C Tangerine Extract 
   c)  60 Capsules Love Your Liver Herbals (Wormwood, Stinging Nettles, Dandelion Root) 

2) 5 x Awesome products from their Essential Collection:

  • Vegan Deodorant and Breath Freshener
  • Vegan Magnesium Massage and Pain Relief
  • Vegan Mosquito Repellent & First Aid Oil
  • Vegan Shampoo Bar
  • Vegan Moringa Cleanser Bar and Konjac Sponge

3) Palo Santo Stick for Clearing Energy in Your New Room

4) Vivoo Wellness Strip (tests 9 minerals in 90 Seconds like Magnesium & Protein)

5) Bali Vegan Book E-Bundle:

Bali vegan e-cookbook & vegan guidebook includes 60 local restaurants sharing 150+ vegan recipes. Know where to go and how to make the best vegan dishes from Bali. 210 pages


  • The Ultimate Whole-Food Grocery Shopping List For All Vegans Everywhere
  • Juicing For Vitality 93 pages.
  • The Hindu Yogi Science of Breath 69 pages
  • The Power of Self-Discipline 32 pages
  • The Self-Love Handbook 60 pages

    PLUS + 

    1) 5 Day Juice Fast (10 Liters) Cold-Pressed Organic Juice

    2) 5 Day Supply of Herbal Capsules to Detox & Fight Inflammation

    3) 1.5  Hr Vegan Cooking Instruction in the Kitchen w/ Vegan Chef (all skill levels welcome)

    4) 10 Liters Sun Activated Infused Water

    5) 3 Original and Powerful Audio Mediations for clearing negative energy, healing & manifesting

    6)  Digital Study and Practice Books

    We ask you to eat super clean & eat less than normal for 24 - 48 hours before you check-in.

    We want your body and your mind to be ready to maximize the benefits of your stay.

    Wether you are just beginning your spiritual journey, new to fasting or have been living in a spiritual community and have a long meditation history, this package has life changing benefits!

    Dis-ease Cannot Exist In a Body of Light!

    This 5 day package is for anyone who wish to reset their body, evaluate & elevate your natural healing journey, advance your spiritual journey and to learn the foundation for a healthy (light) body, spirit & mind.

    This program covers a lot of valuable information using our 5 fundamental tools for healing the body, releasing past traumas and manifesting your dream life.

    These 5 tools are: Veganism, Fasting/Detoxification, Breath-Work, Meditation & Self-Love.
    We'll cover the basics and intermediate levels for each in this day program.