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Radical Chic! A Lux and Natural Face and Hair Oil

A Naturally Lux Face Oil for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the epoch of beauty, where the pursuit of a radiant visage transcends mere aesthetics and ventures into the realm of radically chic. Picture yourself in a world where the essence of your skincare regimen doesn't come from a laboratory concoction but rather from the bountiful embrace of Mother Nature herself.

Welcome to the age of enlightenment, where Cold-Pressed Moringa Seed Oil and Carrot Seed Oil reign supreme and the synthetic fillers, fragrances, and other toxic chemicals of mainstream cosmetic giants are banished into the abyss of beauty's past.

In the grand theater of skincare, the stage is often occupied by cosmetic conglomerates wielding their synthetic creations like modern-day alchemists. They parade their lotions and potions, promising eternal youth and allure, all the while concealing the unsavory truth: their products often contain a sinister cocktail of synthetic fillers, fragrances, and chemicals. It's as if they believe that nature's bounty can be outwitted and outperformed by their laboratory formulas.

But here, in the realm of Sukime, we choose to dance to a different tune. We have cast our lot with the Earth, seeking not to conquer nature but to embrace it. Our Radiantly Alive Face, Hair and Scalp Oil, is a veritable elixir of youth, contains two of nature's most precious gifts – Cold-Pressed Moringa Seed Oil and Carrot Seed Oil. These ingredients, harvested with care and reverence, hold the power to transform your skincare routine into a ritual of rejuvenation and renewal.

Cold-Pressed Moringa Seed Oil, extracted from the seeds of the Moringa tree, is a veritable treasure trove of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is as if the tree itself has bottled the essence of life – nourishing, revitalizing, and protecting your skin from the ravages of time and environmental aggressors. As you apply it to your skin or hair, it's like giving you a sip from the fountain of youth.

And then there's Carrot Seed Oil, extracted from the humble carrot. Don't be fooled by its unassuming origin; this oil is a powerhouse of skin-loving nutrients. Rich in beta-carotene, vitamins A and E, and essential fatty acids, it encourages skin cell regeneration and promotes a natural radiance that is the envy of even the most discerning beauty aficionados.

While mainstream cosmetic giants are content to fill their products with toxic chemicals and synthetic fillers that do nothing but dilute the true potential of your skincare, we dare to be different.

"We believe in the raw, unadulterated power of nature".

Our Face Oil is a testament to our commitment to purity, free from the shackles of synthetic fragrances and harmful chemicals. When you use it, you're not just applying a cosmetic product; you're indulging in an act of self-love and self-care.

So, let the mainstream remain stagnant in their synthetic quagmire, while we, the advocates of radical chic, embrace the untamed beauty of nature. Our Face Oil, infused with Cold-Pressed Moringa Seed Oil and Carrot Seed Oil, is a celebration of all things natural and pure. It's a reminder that beauty is not something to be manufactured in a lab but something to be nurtured and cherished, like a rare and precious bloom.

In the world of skincare, radical chic is not a trend; it's a revolution. It's a call to arms against the tyranny of synthetic chemicals and a return to the embrace of nature's wisdom. So, join us in this movement, and let your skin revel in the glory of all things natural. Let your beauty be radical, let it be chic, and let it be a testament to the power of Cold-Pressed Moringa Seed Oil and Carrot Seed Oil.




"Chemicals and contaminants linked to cancer can be found in food, water and many other everyday products. However, no category of consumer products is subject to less government oversight than cosmetics and other personal care products. Although many of the chemicals and contaminants in cosmetics and personal care products likely pose little risk, exposure to some has been linked to serious health problems, including cancer.

Since 2009, 595 cosmetics manufacturers have reported using 88 chemicals, in more than 73,000 products, that have been linked to cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm.[1]

Many of these chemicals should be banned from cosmetics, as proposed in California Assembly Bill 2762, the Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act. Among the toxic chemicals[2] that should be banned are:

  • Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen.
  • Paraformaldehyde, a type of formaldehyde.
  • Methylene glycol, a type of formaldehyde.
  • Quaternium 15, which releases formaldehyde.
  • Mercury, which can damage the kidneys and nervous system.
  • Dibutyl and diethylhexyl phthalates, which disrupt hormones and damage the reproductive system.
  • Isobutyl and isopropyl parabens, which disrupt hormones and harm the reproductive system.
  • The long-chain per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances known as PFAS, which have been linked to cancer.
  • M- and o-phenylenediamine, used in hair dyes, which irritate and sensitize the skin, damage DNA and can cause cancer.

All of these toxic chemicals have been banned by the European Union and many other nations, and many have been slated for removal from the store brands of major U.S. retailers, including Target, Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS Health.[3] For example, as of the end of 2019, CVS Health prohibits the use of formaldehyde, many chemicals that release formaldehyde, many parabens, dibutyl phthalate and diethylhexyl phthalate. Some of these are already banned from products sold in Whole Foods.[4]

[1] Cal. Dep’t of Pub. Health, Cal. Safe Cosmetics Program, Current Data Summary, (last accessed Mar. 8, 2019). The California Safe Cosmetics Act of 2005 requires cosmetic manufacturers to disclose to the California Department of Public Health all products containing ingredients known or suspected to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive toxicity as determined by certain authoritative scientific bodies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Toxicology Program and the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

[2] Environmental Working Group, the Toxic Twenty Cosmetic Ingredients and Contaminants, accessed at

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[4] Whole Foods, Our Body Care Quality Standards, (last visited Apr. 2, 2019); Whole Foods, Premium Body Care Unacceptable Ingredients, (last visited Apr. 2, 2019)."

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