“Suki” (好きです / すきです) means “like” or “love” in Japanese. 

We adopted the word in our brand name not only because we admire the focus and passion Japanese people bring to mastering their vocation, but also because the birth of Sukime came from the intention of giving our bodies what they truly deserve, and that is offering it all-natural, cruelty-free “food” inside and out.

As the creator of Sukime, I had been vegan, organic, and practicing natural medicine for only friends & family for quite some time. After being fully immersed and surrounded by the abundance of wild-grown superfoods in Bali, I decided to turn my lifestyle into another creation – The Universe says to share what you love and the rest will follow. I agree 100%. 

Our goal is twofold:

First, is to bring people an understanding that everything we need for a vibrant, thriving body can be found in nature. 

Another one would be that after years of experimenting and observing, green-washing is real, and helping people to understand that “all-natural” products are NOT all created equal becomes important to us. The quality of the ingredients depends on the quality of the soil, processes used, seeding and harvesting as well as the overall intentions of the people involved. Our intention is to live life in harmony, to do good things and to make products that reflect these ideas. 

Our team is composed by discerning foodies, yogis, and heart-centered serial entrepreneurs. 

Sukime evolved naturally from our organic vegan lifestyle over the past 15 years. We make body and skincare products from wild-grown superfood ingredients. 90% of our ingredients are locally sourced.

Balinese culture has certainly played an important role, too – It encourages us to live in harmony with Mother Earth and with spirit, as well as with one another. 

Every product is hand-made in small batches with the intention to tune in to the physical and spiritual levels, allowing organic healing, transformation process to naturally unfold.

While we continue to evolve, we’d love to be a part of your personal journey through the beauty of our all-natural, all animal-loving and toxin-free body & skincare products. We invite you to let us know what you think and how you feel after you try our products.

Many blessings.
Team Sukime