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Bali Vegan Cookbook

Bali Vegan Cookbook


“Bali Is That Perfect Vegan Destination That You’ve Always Dreamed Of.” –

We collected 150+ secret recipes with international flavors that are prepared by professional vegan chefs from 60 of the best restaurants in Bali.

Whether it’s Smoothies & Juices, Breakfast, Small Plates, Entrées & Desserts, the recipes are easy to follow and are unique – something you’ve never seen in other vegan cookbooks.

  • Non-processed, whole food ingredients only
  • Nutritional benefits of each ingredient
  • Plant-based inspirational quotes
  • A great gift whether you or your loved ones are new to vegan living or have been vegan for a while.
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The Bali Vegan Book – A Vegan Cookbook and Bali Vegan Guide

In this vegan guidebook we compiled 150+ easy vegan recipes prepared by professional vegan chefs from 60 Restaurants in Bali to give you a gastronomical vegan journey.

  • International flavors from simple to fancy
  • Easy-to-follow vegan recipes with stunning photos with every dish, as well as Bali landscapes
  • 200 Pages of Plant-Based Inspiration & Nutritional Benefits
  • Ingredients are easy to find wherever you are and can be easily substituted as well. (However, remember, love is the most important ingredient.)
  • Quantities are estimates, playing with them is fun and encouraged.
  • Easy vegan appetizer, breakfast, dinner & dessert recipes
Watermelon Pizza from Bali Vegan Book, Bali Vegan Guide

Why Vegan?

Veganism is not only a lifestyle choice but perhaps the most natural way to live.

Life’s essential nutrients don’t come from animal products, and this reality will spawn a healthier society and planet. From the prevention of serious illnesses to curing disease, veganism is an ancient way of life that has fueled humans and the planet for thousands of years!

What Is A Healthy Vegan Lifestyle?

A well-planned vegan lifestyle is healthy and will provide a variety of preventative health benefits for all stages of life. And balanced vegan eating habits are made up of these four food groups:

1) legumes, nuts, and seeds; 2) grains; 3) vegetables; and 4) fruits.

And the mental and spiritual aspects of self are also important components to leading a sustainable vegan lifestyle.

How Long Does It Take To Feel Great?

This depends on your lifestyle before you decide to go vegan.

When we eliminate animal products or replace processed junk food with whole plant food, we can encounter some temporary bodily complaints, including cravings, fatigue, or digestive discomfort. Don’t worry – This is temporary. At the same time, working on our mindset also helps propel us onward to leading a fulfilling vegan lifestyle.

3 Benefits Of The Bali Vegan Book

  1. Save Money: We focus on whole food ingredients, showing you how to make EVERYTHING from scratch on a budget.
  2. Easy To Follow Whole-food Vegan Recipes: Every recipe has a matching photo while sharing important nutritional facts on plant-based eating.
  3. Unique, Delicious Recipes For Vegan Newbies: Professional chefs from 60 restaurants introducing cruelty-free, secret vegan recipes for the first time ever.

The World Is Quickly Awakening To The Benefits Of Veganism…

A whole-food, plant-based diet is good for your health:

Your physical health, your mental health, and very possibly your spiritual health as well.  Most of these easy vegan recipes need ONLY fresh produce, nuts, herbs, and spices.

But what if you’re missing something? No problem, simply improvise! Swap it for a different ingredient, or just skip it altogether! Don’t like a particular ingredient? Change it and see how the food tastes. GET CREATIVE! Your kitchen IS your culinary canvas!

Eating Is NOT Just About Taste Or Convenience.

The vegan recipes I’ve compiled into this book will really satisfy your appetite, open you up to new tastes and cultures, and they ALL have a very, very low ecological impact!

CONCLUSION:  "The Bali Vegan Book," a delightful and flavorful vegan cookbook that takes you on a culinary journey through the vibrant island of Bali. Packed with a collection of 150+ mouthwatering recipes, this book showcases the culinary expertise of Bali's top restaurants, all dedicated to serving delectable plant-based dishes.

Whether you're an experienced vegan cook or a curious food enthusiast, "The Bali Vegan Book" is your passport to explore the diverse flavors and textures of Bali's renowned vegan cuisine. From refreshing salads bursting with tropical fruits to hearty mains showcasing locally sourced ingredients, this cookbook offers a wide range of recipes that cater to every palate and dietary preference.

Discover the secrets behind Bali's renowned vegan recipes, thoughtfully curated by expert chefs passionate about sustainable living and nourishing the body with plant-based goodness. Each recipe is accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions, helpful cooking tips, and stunning photographs that bring the dishes to life.

Bali Vegan Book on Shelf, Bali Vegan Guide

"The Bali Vegan Book" goes beyond being just a cookbook; it's a celebration of Bali's rich cultural heritage and its commitment to a vegan lifestyle. Immerse yourself in the island's breathtaking landscapes, vibrant markets, and thriving food scene as you explore the pages of this beautifully designed book.

Embrace the essence of Bali in your kitchen and create a culinary masterpiece with recipes that include delectable starters, aromatic curries, fragrant rice dishes, tantalizing desserts, and much more. Impress your friends and family with unique and exotic flavors that reflect the essence of Bali's diverse culinary traditions.

Whether you're looking to expand your vegan recipe repertoire, plan a Bali-inspired dinner party, or simply indulge in delicious and healthy plant-based meals, "The Bali Vegan Book" is the ultimate companion for any food lover. Order your copy today and unlock the flavors of Bali's vegan paradise right in your own home.